Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shenington Regionals Sunday 1 July 2012

Last night’s 1940s Hangar Party was a great success!  Many people had taken the opportunity to dress appropriately, there was a 6-piece band as well as male and female dance instructors who bravely attempted to teach us steps of the time.  Some succeeded more than others in achieving this!

Steve took Michael to Badminton training in Thatcham today, so it was up especially early for me today and out for a walk with Django.  The sky was amazing – it was crystal clear and very blue; even the strange orb known as the sun put in an appearance and I managed to capture it on the camera behind a tree.

Worryingly, the wind was still pretty strong, I estimated it to be about 20 knots from the South West and not easing as stated in the BBC weather forecast.  Additionally, wisps of scudding cloud were already beginning to form at 06:30…not a good sign.
Briefing was held at 10:30 and everyone was requested to grid beforehand.  Two tasks were set: Task A was a 113.1km Shenington – Worcester – Cherington – Banbury West – Shenington (EDG-WOR-CGT-BA1-EDG).  First launch was set for 12:30.
Steve and I went back to packing up the tent and caravan in preparation for departure form Shenington whilst we waited for first launch.
The sky darkened as the clouds over-developed, spread-out and whizzed past the airfield.  Rain could be seen at various points on the horizon, yet the Director held on and delayed the first launch time several times.  The wind was relentless – cold and very tiring and it was best to be indoors somewhere out of it; this was concurred by Django who snuggled up inside the caravan.

A Snifter was launched and reported back on reasonable thermal climbs but a cloudbase of 2200; this combined with a wind speed of 27 knots at 2000ft makes for difficult, if not impossible cross countries, especially in the smaller gliders.

Eventually, after much hesitation, the Director decided to scrub the day at 15:30. 
So that was it – one competition day…just like Lasham…
What’s next?  Well it’s back to work for a few days, then re-pack everything again and shoe-horn it into the car with a big tent for a trip to Issoudun in France to fly as a part of the British Team Squad in the Women’s Nationals competition.
Watch this space!

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