Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Women's World Gliding Championships

It was February 2010 and I found myself at Bicester Airfield writing down my personal goals and objectives for my flying for the forthcoming year.

I have been flying gliders since I learned to fly in 1980.  Within a very short space of time, I was flying cross country and within 2 years I had become a Gliding Instructor (Half Cat), then a Fully Categorised Instructor.  Encouraged by my husband, I have flown in at least two gliding competitions evey year (more recently 3 or 4 per year).

So when I learned at the 'Women's Development' session at Bicester last year, that the only way to be selected for the British Team would be to do well in a National Competition, I found myself writing down as one of my personal goals...'Enter and fly in a UK Nationals competition during 2010'. 

Now, I'm a person that likes challenges, so that's exactly what I did..fly in the Husbands Bosworth Club Class Nationals in August 2010.  What's more, I finished in 10th place and therefore qualified to represent the UK in the Women's World Gliding Championships to be held in Arboga in Sweden during 15 - 25 June 2011.

The aim of my blog is to record my preparation and training, both physical and mental for the championships.  I hope to make these entries interesting with accounts of gliding tasks that I've planned and completed (or not as the case may be) during training, with photos and tales of woe as applicable!